Scott Leblanche sets off to victory in the Division 5 K1 race.

Strong start to the new Hasler season for Barking

Scott Leblanche sets off to victory in the Division 5 K1 race.

The new Hasler season started with a trip to reigning National Hasler champions, Chelmsford.

We took a small squad of paddlers compared to other clubs, but the quality shone through on a gusty Sunday, the remnants of Storm Brian making for some tricky conditions.

The focused and regular training sessions of late clearly showed on the day with a number podium finishes (including two first places), plus promotions for two of our members.

Scott Leblanche raced to victory in the K1 division 5 race, taking home the gold medal and promotion to division 4.

In the division 7 K1 race, Caitlin Field O’Hanlon earned herself a promotion to division 6, after finishing third in a tightly contested race with just seconds separating 2nd through to 6th.

After the first race the club sits 5th overall in the table, you can see the times and positions for all our paddlers below.


Division 4 K1 (8 miles, 8 portages)
Adam Beaumont: 6th (01.21.37)
Romeo Balla: 15th (01.37.26)

Division 5 K1 (8 miles, 8 portages)
Scott Leblanche: 1st (01.21.31) P4

Division 6 K1 (8 miles, 8 portages)
Tobias McCready: 8th (01.32.19)

Division7 K1 (3 miles, 2 portages)
Caitlin Field O’Hanlon: 3rd (00.33.39) P6

Under 12 Male (2km, 0 portages)
Leon Tunnicliffe: 4th (00.22.09)


Division 3 K2 (12 miles, 10 portages)
Almir Balla and Mark Hogan: 2nd (01.32.18)

Division 6 K2 (8 miles, 8 portages)
Bill Playle and Danielle Clifford: 1st (01.23.07)
Gordon Bullock and Angela Flight: 7th (01:31:02)

Division 8 K2 (3 miles, 2 portages)
Phil Tunnicliffe and Barry Henderson: 2nd (00.34.01)