The Steve Truglia Memorial Race . 

Regrettably we are going to postpone the event. A course check has been done down to Harlow and the river is completely frozen. The safety of all competitors is paramount and frankly it would not be much of a race unless you like running a lot. 

We have a provisional date of May 14th agreed with the marathon calendar but I need to redo the consent from other river users and the Canals and River Trust. 

Thank you to all of you who have entered or supported us in trying to get this event to happen in a very short timeframe.

This is disappointing but it WILL take place. Let’s Do This 👍

This race is being held to honour the memory of Steve Truglia. A fellow competitor who had completed DW a number of times and was training for another attempt when he sadly died during a world record abseil attempt.

Steve was a multitalented guy who was a Magician, Stuntman, Soldier, Competitor and an all-round very nice guy. His enthusiasm and large personality touched everyone he came into contact with and it is hoped that this event will become an annual race to remember him in an environment and sport that meant so much to him.

Full details can be found here.

Risk Assessment

Safety Plan


Route Access Points